About our lovely pub

Situated where Church Road meets Piggery Hall Lane, The Thatched Tavern is a charming, family run 16th century free house.

Proudly owned by the Silcocks family since February 2013, The Thatched Tavern is the ideal ‘everyman’ pub in East Wittering, West Sussex. The owner Martin Silcocks was originally a haulage company proprietor for over 20 years. When he found out that one of his old favourite pubs was up for sale freehold in 2012, he set about to make sure he would be the one to buy it and put it back on the map! Sacrificing almost everything, he did it. In April 2018, Martin’s daughter, Maddie and her husband, Tyler, took over management of the pub (along with their 8 month old – Oscar!). With the whole family’s support, they have set out to breathe new life into The Thatched Tavern. They plan to upgrade the kitchen, start serving food again, renovate and improve accessibility, and host events amongst many other exciting things. Proper English pubs are a dying race and they will stop at nothing to ensure The Thatched Tavern is one of the best West Sussex has to offer.

Come and say hello, you’re sure to receive a very warm welcome!


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